Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Provence!

A Wedding Provence Style! 

I am so so sorry for being absent on the blog these past few days. I have been super ridiculously sick and super incredibly busy, so the combination of the two have made it impossible to find time to blog. What would drag me out of bed, super sick, so that I can blog....hmm..something super special.....a wedding in Provence I believe! 

I just got asked to do an amazing wedding at the Four Seasons in Provence! How totally glamorous, and so fun! I can't wait. First, there is nothing more magical and romantic that France, especially Provence. I am having beautiful visions right now of amazing welcome baskets, stunning invitations and lots of amazing food! I think I am feeling better already!!!!!


  1. Lucky you, Stephanie. We love that place & have been there many times - and nickname it the Four Mortgages (burgers at ca. $28, but impeccably done; 2 star dinner for 4 @ $500, but superb).

    Strange you should post with the name of my blog ('s a fair bit of material about the 4S and the area to help you.

  2. Thanks so much Roger for all the great advice. It looks totally amazing, but yes, Four Mortgages does sound appropriate! haha.