Monday, March 8, 2010

Thank you

The best part of our job is making our clients happy! As a florist, the team at Stephanie Grace often doesn't get to say goodbye to our couples before they head off on their honeymoons! We love to hear the reviews from our clients...and it makes our job so very rewarding to hear that we helped make their wedding everything they had dreamed of. Below is an email from one of our clients. Thanks Tomoko for sending this! So thoughtful. Happy Honeymooning!

Hi Stephanie & Parnell!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for doing a great job on our flowers!!!
I absolutely loved everything!! and I am so glad I asked you to be our florists!!! Everything was so beautiful and exactly as I wanted if not more... Michael kept saying he was impressed with your flower arrangements and many of our guests said everything was beautiful.

Dad (my American dad) also told me Parnell and he came to a decision of getting rid of weird looking stairs and stage in a ceremony room. I am so glad you guys did!!! :-D The arch was beautiful!

Thank you again for your wonderful work! Absolutely i am your big fan!!! :-D


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