Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Food Truck Fever

Lately, we've been noticing a pattern of our clients wanting to cater to their guests' late night cravings. This is a motion that we are more than happy to support because I'm sure we can all agree that cocktails give us quite the case of the munchies around ten o' clock. Therefore, without much adieu I would like to present our delicious list of food trucks that have been in popular demand (Disclaimer: this might make you hungry):

1) In N Out

(Photograph courtesy of Backyard Bartender)

If you have your hearts and stomachs set on In N Out, then book them ASAP. In fact, book a year in advance if possible. These guys are in high demand and tend to be booked up to months in advance. 

2) The Grilled Cheese Truck

(Photograph courtesy of The Grilled Cheese Truck

I know, I'm already drooling just from the picture. I love how this food truck has taken the traditional grilled cheese and jazzed it up to make it more delicious that it already is. YUM.

3) Komodo
(Photograph courtesy of Komodo)

Komodo is best known for their ability to combine foods from different cultures to make something amazing for your taste palette. They are redefining the word fusion in the food truck industry. 

4) Cool Haus

(Photograph courtesy of Gourmet Live)

Sometimes you just gotta end a night on ice cream. And what's better than ice cream? Ice cream sandwiches. 

5) Waffle de Liege
(Photograph courtesy of Waffle de Liege)

I only have three words: best idea ever. 

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