Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Special Delivery & BIG news!

As much as we love doing daily florals for our clients over here in Santa Monica, we did get a smidgen more excited when we received a phone call from the lovely state of Texas. The order was for a birthday arrangement and two dozen yellow roses were on the menu. With an additional serving of vibernum, our order was ready to go!

In regards to other matters at SGD, we are busy revamping our website:


Mind you, this isn't your typical cyber upgrade. We are in the works of setting up ... *drumroll* ... an online store! In addition to the convenience of purchasing beautiful home goods and gifts from the comfort of your home, you will now have the option of setting up a registry here with us at SGD! We know, we're dancing in our seats too :)

With that being said, follow our posts for our website relaunch date and other new exciting news! 

1 comment:

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