Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're back!

Hello Everyone! After being locked out of our own blog for four months due to some website maintenance update shenanigans, we are so happy to be back. And what better way to start off our reunification than with one of our custom floral orders that went out today...

So we stepped into our store this morning and noticed that some of our roses became HUGE!

Immediately, we knew we wanted to use them for our client who requested monthly floral arrangements to feature a specific flower. In the previous months, we chose to favor sunflowers and ranunculus; however, today we knew we wanted to highlight our gorgeous roses. 

And may we remark that these roses smelled amazing. We kept getting distracted from work just to catch a whiff every five minutes. Other than that, many new things are happening here at SGD so definitely stay tuned! Until next time :) 

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