Friday, August 6, 2010

The Thought That Counts

As many of you know, Stephanie Grace began specializing in event coordination, design and flowers. And after years of success, we figured..."why stop there?" Which now leads us to our current location and first retail store in Santa Monica. Our boutique homes unique tabletop merchandise and has just the gift for that person that "has everything."

Another aspect of our store are the daily flowers, along with our HUGE floral refrigerator sheltering our additional flowers for custom arrangements.

So this blog entry goes out to our daily flower the people that "stop and smell the roses"...and those that have purchased a single rose or stem of daisies. We always find joy in being apart of brightening the day of the special someone that receives the thoughtful gift. From the boyfriend that wants to welcome his girlfriend home with a pink rose, to a husband spontaneously remembering his wife's favorite flower, or the simple gesture for a good friend. It is truly the small things that count, and we are so glad people have not forgotten that :)

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