Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Showers

Since we are currently having some April showers in LA right now, I thought I would stick with that theme for the blog today. I came across an adorable centerpiece that was used for a wedding shower on The Knot. And frankly, I love how they went with a literal theme for the party. Each centerpiece had an umbrella above a beautiful arrangement of flowers. The photo even captures the suspended crystal rain drops to highlight the "shower" concept. We also admire how they took the cascading concept of the rain drops and made the flowers cascade in the arrangement as well. This bridal shower could easily be transformed to a baby shower while using the same design. You could choose pink umbrellas for a baby girl or blue umbrellas for a baby boy. We love that by taking the occasion so literally, they achieved the creative design that they did.

*photo from www.theknot.com

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