Friday, February 12, 2010

Romance is ALIVE!

Everyone loves the blog because it is always filled with pictures pictures pictures. But, in addition to giving you tons of inspiration, I hope to also share some of our fun store life. Since opening the store, everyone is so curious about the comings and goings of life at the store, gossip, clients, the buzz. So much so that I have decided to start writing as part of the blog all the fun stuff that is happening at the store.

Valentine's Day at a floral shop can be...well....crazy! As was today. However, in all the craziness were some beautiful moments of romance, which I must say, is beautiful to see. Here are the high points:

1) this older man came in, spent about 30 minutes agonizing over purchasing this beautiful orchid we had in the store..."too expensive", etc. When asked why we he was choosing an orchid to give as opposed to the traditional red roses, he explained that orchids were his wife's favorite flower. Beautiful. He leaves, not buying the orchid, because he felt it was too much money. Much much later in the day, he comes back, full of desperation in his eyes and wanting to buy the orchid because it was just "perfect" for his wife even with the price. Seeing his stress about the money, I told him, aw...I will take $30 off the price (not my usual self)...I think I was caught up in the amour of it all. Right then, his eyes lit up, he went over and purchased a beautiful glass heart (much more than $30) in addition to the orchid.
Shocked...I said...who is this for?
He said, "his daugher...she is 10 and will love this"
Truthfully, a beautiful moment.

2) My second favorite moment of the day came with a younger man, probably around 30. For those of you who haven't been to the store, we have tons of flowers placed around the front exterior of the building, a la Paris. This young man was pacing up and down the front of the store for 10 minutes or so, then inside the store, then outside, then inside, then outside. Finally, he starts putting his OWN BOUQUET together. cutest moment ever. He picks up some gerbers, some roses, some filler. Brings it in with a huge smile, and says, "I'll take these!! with a ribbon!!!" HOW CUTE!

3) Ok, my last favorite moment of the day..ok...yesterday, was another younger couple, both on bikes, who stopped outside the store. He got off his bike, grabbed a bunch of daisies, paid and brought them to his girlfriend to put in her bike basket! Seriously, it was like a movie. How cute.

Sometimes with Valentine's Day, we get so caught up in getting the roses, and the nice dinner, or jewelry. Sometimes, just a simple bouquet of daisies can move mountains! Those moments are why I do this job, and why I love my job.

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