Thursday, December 11, 2008

Party Booths!

Photo booths can add such a great aspect to your wedding or party. Stephanie Grace was the Los Angeles wedding planner for a fabulous bride recently who instead of going with the traditional old school style for photo booth's, went with a company that creates the same experience, but in a luxurious velvet covered booth. The results were spectacular. Not only did the client get the same great results of an old school photo booth, but also was able to have the booth actually incorporated into the black tie affair decor, without looking a bit out of place. Check out Party Booths,! Here are a few great shots using the booth! 


  1. Photo Booths make the party! Hey Stephanie, Did you have a regular photographer for the bride as well? What about a video person?

  2. Photo booths do make the party. They are a really fun way for guests to mingle, get to know each other, and have a great keepsake of the night. At Stephanie Grace, we always do recommend hiring a photographer in addition to the photo booth. The photographer will capture all the beautiful moments and priceless moments that a couple will cherish forever whereas the photo booth is more for fun. A great place to put the photo booth is in the area where cocktail hour will be held! A videographer is also highly recommended. Although a lot of couple's skimp on this step, the videographer is able to capture the emotion of that day in a way that sometimes photographs cannot. It can be a really beautiful addition to the wedding.